Soft Wave Moment
in Time
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9-11-01 Visioning Sound


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Moment in Time  Jessie Allen Cooper

 Track Listing:
1.   Moment in Time
2.   Amazon
3.   Julianna
4.   Mystical Illusion
5.   Sun Talk
6.   In My Heart
7.   Santa Monica Sunset
8.   Sassafras
9.   (As the Sea) Whispers
10. Tomorrow

This ten-track CD includes Jessie's Soprano Sax and Harmonica playing as well as such notable guest stars as Russ Freeman, Steve Reid, Rob Mullins, Osama Kitajima, Ricardo Silveira, Steve Bailey and shakuhachi flutist Masakazu Yoshizawa.

"Jessie Allen Cooper's upcoming release....the best thing he's done to date and features a list of big name artists as long as Sepulveda Boulevard." The Mac Report

Some of the key musicians from Cooper's album have played with such renowned artists as Supertramp, Miles Davis, James Ingram, Al Green, Rickie Lee Jones, Randy Newman, Bette Midler, Jose Feliciano and Nicolette Larson to name a few.

Produced by Jessie Allen Cooper and Steve Reid
In My Heart produced by Larry Washington, Steve Reid and Jessie Allen Cooper
(As the Sea) Whispers produced by Jessie Allen Cooper and Rick Krizman at Krizman's Farm
*Russ Freeman appears courtesy of G.R.P. Records
*Ricardo Silvera appears courtesy of Polygram?verve Forecast Records
All Music Administrated by Cooper Sound Waves BMI
Engineered and Mixed by Steve Reid
Associate Engineers: Micajah Ryan, Ted Blasidell
(Rick Krizman and Ira Ingbur on (As the Sea) Whispers)
Recorded at The Slam Shack, North Hollywood, CA
Photography by Glen La Ferman
Art Direction & Design by Julianna White, Art Assistant: Lisa Kuhn
Electronic Art Layout: Mark Heliger
Mastered at MCA by Eric Labson

Special Thanks: ...to Julianna for song names and creative support, Bill Trout, Kevin Lenard, Mark Labureun. Jonathan Goldhill, Julie Cross, Mike Alatza, Jamie Papish, Simone Butler, Steve Lowy, Vic Furth, Loretta Smith, Korg USA, Marta Celis, Jeffrey Jack, Camille Belchere, Paula Samonte, Mark Finegold, and Lori Gerson

© 1993(p) Cooper Sound Waves (ASCAP)

Released by Cooper Sound Waves in l993, Moment in Time, a world jazz recording, is marked by incredible musicianship, offering an extremely broad range of musical styles, and is a perfect setting by which to enjoy those special personal moments.

Jessie Allen Cooper has (for the third time) come up with a brilliant recording, one that encompasses his deep commitment to the multi-ethnic world music he has become identified with. following on the heels of his highly acclaimed Narada album, Soft Wave, Cooper's haunting soprano saxophone graces ten works either written or co-written by him.

Moment in Time is marked by incredible musicianship. In addition to spotlighting the talents of some of the key musicians from Cooper's band (who have played with such renowned artists as James Ingram, Al Green, Rickie Lee Jones, Randy Newman, Bette Midler, Jose Feliciano and Nicolette Larson), Moment in Time also features several notable guest instrumentalists: Russ Freeman, the Rippingtons' guitarist and founder, also has numerous solo projects, which have racked up sales in excess of over 1 million. Here he can be heard on nylon and steel string guitars, as well as guitar synthesizer on "Mystical Illusion."

Another musical eminence can be found on "Amazon," in the form of Brazilian guitarist Ricardo Silviera. Coincidentally, Silviera chose a song entitled "Amazon Secrets" for his own 1990 album which sold over 60,000 units. "In My Heart" boasts the presence of Japanese koto player Osamu Kitajima, who is one of the most recorded koto players in the United States. Kitajima brought along his favorite shakuhachi flutist, Masakazu Yoshizawa. That same track features the album's only vocal, performed by Belinda Skinner. Keyboardist Rob Mullins, a Nova recording artist, plays, arranges and orchestrates the lovely song "Julianna." Four tracks contain the work of violinist Tony Selvage, who is considered an early originator of "new age" music.

Moment in Time offers an extremely broad range of musical styles with impressive synthesizer programming, the occasional use of the Chapman stick (as played by Blake Lewin), and, of course, Cooper's imaginative compositions.

An accolade needs to be given to Steve Reid, who is percussionist on all but two tracks- and also is co-producer of this memorable set of provocative music which, as Jessie himself sees it, "represents a moment in time for someone... whether it's driving in their car to a special place, cooking dinner, making love... because that's where I want my music to be -- like a companion."

"All of these melodies have a life of their own ... I didn't write most of them, I dreamt them... each one is a unique moment in time. I want to acknowledge everyone who believes in what they do... who strives to make the world a better place... who risks it all to follow their dreams."