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Let's Connect

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 Track Listing:
 1   Let's Connect
 2   At The Festival
 3   Personal Touch
 4   Rio Del Soul
 5   Departure
 6   Around The Corner
 7   Thai Lady
 8   For Your Eyes
 9   Beyond The Son
 10 Havana Moon
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Let's Connect

"The first Smooth - Jazz Jam Band"
Rodger Lifeset - Peer Pressure Promotions

Tracks recorded featuring some of LA's top session musicians.
The pop instrumental set was produced by Jessie Allen Cooper and former Rippington Steve Reid, and recorded at Steve Reid's Sonic Jungle on The Famous Trident Console from the old A&M Studios.


This is your invitation to connect to a musical world that embraces a stunning collection of genres and instrumentation from Jazz and Rock to Blues, Latin, and other international influences.

It's a world inventively crafted by sax man Jessie Allen Cooper as he combines the organic sound and feel of real instruments with ten stunning original compositions to create a magnificently varied and brilliantly performed project.

Jessie calls "Let's Connect" his horn album, since the emphasis is on his own tenor/soprano sax and harmonica leads in addition to some tasty Miles Davis inspired trumpet / flugelhorn work from Jimmy Hale.

This is also a highly percussive album, featuring a potpourri of rhythms from Steve Reid's incredible percussion toy box. Steve has actually built some of the instruments himself! Jessie Allen Cooper has created an exceptional chemistry here among this elite group of seasoned players. So, do check out the song credits as you listen, to see who is involved in this amazing project. Most importantly, allow the remarkable songs in this album to assist you in finding the pure joy that great music can bring.

Jessie believes "music is a high art form that adds something special to our lives. It helps us connect to each other and the world around us." With that
thought in mind, enjoy connecting with this positive musical energy!

Scott O'Brien


Sometimes it seems like it was only yesterday, but it was almost 20 years ago when Jessie Cooper and I embarked on our first recording project together. I had just built The Sonic Jungle Studios and Jessie's project, "Moment in Time," was one of the first in a long line of successful records.

It was great working with Jessie back then and, like a fine wine, time has made it even better. Fast forward twenty yearswith eight CDs to Jessie's credit, three of which we collaborated on. And here we are at the end of another project.

This record is mature and engaging; it crosses many musical genres and will sonically jump right out of your speakers. As usual, Jessie and I both put our hearts into this one, and I think there are some real gems on it.

One of my objectives for "Let's Connect" was to show the world another side of Jessie Cooper. I wanted to feature Jessie's natural talent with his first instrument, the Blues Harmonica. Jessie reaches deeply within his soul when he plays the Harp (Harmonica). The mixture of Harp and Sax within a myriad of organic and world textures will surprise and delight even the most discriminating ear.

Steve Reid


Produced by: Jessie Allen Cooper and Steve Reid
Mixed by: Steve Reid at The Sonic Jungle Studio
Recorded at: The Sonic Jungle Studio, North Hollywood, CA.
Cooper Sound Waves, Santa Monica, CA, Krizman's Farm, Venice, CA.
Engineers: Steve Reid, Rick Krizman and Jessie Allen Cooper;
Pro Tools editing and mixing - Steve Reid; MIDI sequencing,
pre-production and track transfers - Steve Reid and Steve Katz.
Mastered by: Eric Labson at MCA/Universal
Creative Manager: Rose Rossier
Cover Design / Layout: Brian S. Hanish and Julianna White
Photos by: B. Hanish, S. Matteo, J. Cooper, Nicolas S. Brown / Paula S.,
Pixie Vision Productions / S. Reid, and Lori Hoffman /Jessie by the Ocean.
Creative Consultant & Digital Promotion: Suzanne Doucet
Computer Editing and Prepress: Brian S. Hanish - Paradox Productions
CSW Studio I.T.: Chris Danes
Special Thanks: Howard Hansen, Claudia Krikorian, Bob and Diane
Burkinshaw, Michael Ewing, Jerry and Nancy Cooper, Chris and Carla
Danes, John Azzaro, John Beatty, Chick Bragg,
Jones & O'Malley, my Mom Lucille Chester,
my late Step Dad Don Chester and
Family and Friends for their support.

© 2008(p) Cooper Sound Waves (ASCAP)