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Letters from children

Sound of Feelings:  by Jessie Allen Cooper
A companion to the book "The Art of Emotional Healing"
by  Dr. Lucia Capacchioine

"A teacher or parent can truly appreciate the value of their fruits when their work and attention to their children has been justified. I just spent the last two weeks rewriting each letter one-by-one, and one each day, absorbing the sentiment of each letter. I feel a great sense of accomplishment and, dare I say, "pride," just knowing that they were my compositions that they wrote about." JAC

Mission School District, Mission Texas 2003-2004
Student letters from:

The Creative Journal Project
Methodology by Dr Lucia Capacchione
Supervised by Dr Marsha Nelson

Kindergarten through Eighth Grade

Words and punctuations are as written. The spacing is condensed at the beginning and ending of each letter.

Merivah (1st grade)
I like to do journal because you can brow a picture and we get to listen to music some pretty music and you can shuw and the teacher lisen to the persen ohw is shuwing and everybody lisens to the person that is shuwing and it is nice.

Alyssa Martinez (1st grade)
Dear Mrs. Leal,
I like Creative Journal because you could draw pictures and write about your family. Our teacher puts on music to relax us and to improve our minds and our thinking too. It's so fun and we learn how to write. When the music goes slow, I think sad. When it goes fast I think happy. It expresses me.

Gil (2nd grade)
I lik journal because you can draw and write your story. The music makes me jubilant, excited, and lovely. we hide them in a Place. It is good, funy, and quite in here. I am thankfull for my journal.
Love, Gil

Kim (2nd grade)
Dear Mrs. Zamora,
Thanks for the journal. It is really an enjoyment. I put all of my creative drawings and writing in it. With the journal and music it makes me feel joyous.
Love, Kim

Lizebeth Zambrano (3rd grade)
Dear Mrs. Medina
I like to hear creative journal because I get to hear soft music and now I don't feel nervous of showing it to other people. If I show it to you I now I will show it to other people. I like it because I now you won't laugh at my pictures. That's why I will show my creative journal to you. Your Friend, Lizebeth Zambrano

Gavin De Leon (3rd grade)
Dear Mrs. Rios,
I like Creative Journaling because it brings out my darkest feelings by the quite music to let me relax. I feel better by drawing good things which make the bad things come out. Thats good because I have a lot of bad and emarrasing moments go into the pencil and paper.
Sincerely, Gavin De Leon

Sandy Guerrero (4th grade)
Dear Mrs. Straub,
The journaling that I have been doing in class has made me. Feel very happy it is fun too but the best part is that it feels like a friend that dosen't spit out all my secrets ! the good thing is that we even have markers to do it with. You are the best teacher because you even put on music for us to concintrate. That's how it makes me feel I just wanted to tell you that this years journal is the best.
Thank You Saidy Guerrero

Janette(5th grade)
Dear Mom,
I want to thank you for putting me in a perfect school. What I am really exided about jernaling, because I get to express my feelings. I personally think that I will get much more grades that are good. Evry time I don't do jernaling I am grumpy or upset mood. After that my friends call me Grumpy frome Snow Whight. I think that all of doodling and writing should help me relax. The music is what really mackes me feel cofertadle. Wow when I am grumpy I gess I will listen to music and braw. Your Daughter Janette
@ Casasos Elm.

Mrs. Betty Rodriguez,
I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for using the Creative Journal Writing with your first grade class. My daughter Alyssa has mentioned to me on numerous occasions how she loves the time she spends doing her journaling. I remember the first time she came home and told me how she could write and draw with her left hand. She couldn't believe you were asking her to write "messy" as she put it. She says her handwriting wasn't as neat as she was used to, but that she enjoyed trying something different. That was months ago, now she says the time you allow them to journal and the music you play really lets her become more creative in her thoughts so that she is able to write and draw with ease. My daughter says she likes expressing her feelings on paper, and as she puts it, "helps express her mind" making her free to write and draw whatever she feels. The other day I was cleaning in her room and I was going to throw some papers, she told me not to because she wanted to do some writing on them. I find her writing and drawing on every piece of paper she can get her hands on. Many times my refrigerator at home is filled with her work. Sometimes when I make her bed, I find under her pillow books, paper, markers and even a small flashlight because as I found out when she has trouble sleeping she does writing and reading. Just this morning I found a piece of paper taped to my dresser. It was a picture and letter from Alyssa. It was the best "Good Morning" I could have gotten. Thank you again for giving her an opportunity to express her feelings with something she enjoys doing, and for releasing in her the love of writing and drawing.
Mary Martinez